The Communities Communication Culture of Postconflict in Akediri Village of West Halmahera Regency

  • Rahmat rahmat Institute Agama Islam Ternate
  • Wahida Wahida, WHD Institute Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Ternate
Keywords: Communication culture, Similarity, Post-Conflict


The conflicts that have occurred in Akediri Village and almost the entire Maluku region - North Maluku was a conflict that has led to religion being dragged as a potential issue that damages the bonds of inter-community communication. It was feared that the dark events in the social history of the community would result in a dark memory and revenge from the people that triggered the conflict back.

This research was intended to know the communities view toward the conflicts that have occurred in Akediri since 1999. It also to know the situation of communication on the communities in Akediri village of post-conflict. It was a qualitative descriptive approach.

The research result showed that; there was awareness of communities in seeing the conflict that only using religion as a potential issue that has damaged the communication ties that have been built for so long. The communication of post-conflict on the societies was still maintained because of two important ties; the first was the existence of cultural values that support the inclusive character of society, secondly there were kinship and family relationships from the same lineage, the awareness that all humans were basically the same before God and the difference was deeds.